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Where Are You On Your


2 Chiropractic Practices Opened

300,000+ Patients Served

23 Associate Doctors and Interns Trained

43 Clients Coached

100s of Chiropractic Students Mentored

$30,000+ Donated to Local Non-Profit Organizations

Brand New

If you are just starting your journey of opening your chiropractic practice, I know the feeling!

I'm Dr. Christine Zapata

You’ve opened, and you’re doing it. But you have a lot of pieces and need a lot of help putting it all together.

You may need help with...

  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Sales
  • Marketing


You’re in growth mode, but maybe you are feeling kind of stuck. There are different strategies and processes to discuss during this phase in the entrepreneurial journey.

You may need help with...

  • Advances Sales and Marketing
  • Hiring a Team
  • Mindset

Speaking Events

Topics I speak about:

  • Understanding your ideal client
  • Developing roots in your community
  • Selling from a place of integrity
  • Increasing close rate to 92% of higher with one simple weapon
  • Scaling your service-based business with ease
  • Marketing and selling with the fastest, most reliable system

"Investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people are the two best ways to build your dream practice faster…and with less stress."

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