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2 Chiropractic Practices Opened

300,000+ Patients Served

23 Associate Doctors and Interns Trained

43 Clients Coached

100s of Chiropractic Students Mentored

$30,000+ Donated to Local Non-Profit Organizations

Fast-Forward your Practice

I have spent the last 15+ years of growing my chiropractic business learning all aspects of what it takes to scale a practice quickly.

I have mastered all areas including:

  • Practice Startup >> How would you like a “startup in a box”?
  • Branding >> Do you have an unforgettable brand?
  • Sales >> Do you know how to close your prospects?
  • Marketing >> Does your marketing not ever seem to work?
  • Systems and Processes >> Is your practice automated?
  • Hiring (and firing) >> Afraid to hire for the first time?
  • Mindset >> Or maybe you have constant anxiety around business?

I’ve been there and done that.

Imagine that you just saved time and money on all those things. It can be a reality.

Associate Prep & Launch Program

The program was designed to prepare the clinic director, and their clinic, for a wildly successful Associate Doctor launch! We work with chiropractors/clinic directors to recruit, hire and train new Associate Doctors so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Do you want to decrease
stress and anxiety?

Do you want
more confidence?

Do you want decreased
employee turnover?

Then the best solution for you would be the Associate Prep & Launch Program!

What will you get out of a Discovery call? CLARITY!

3 Day Practice Immersion & Makeover

In my 3 Day Practice Immersion & Makeover, my team and I come to YOU! We observe your business and all its systems and processes. We work closely with business owners to discover, pinpoint and strategize on the strengths and weaknesses of their business, and then train you AND your team on how to implement the changes to capitalize on those missed opportunities.

  • Get TWO experienced sets of eyes on your clinic. One from a “chiropractor”. One from an “operations nerd”. BOTH work daily in a chiropractic clinic
  • Get the ultimate “secret shopper” experience
  • Get a more empowered team
  • Get marketing strategies that can massively impact their growth & profitability
  • Get an office culture revamp

Do you want to
revamp your systems?

Do you want to elevate
your client’s experience?

If so, then the 3 Day Practice Immersion and Makeover is for you!

Still unsure about booking a coaching call? Here’s someone like you who did it, and this is what their results were.


I've been in ownership for 8 years and I CANNOT tell you what a gift it was to have other eyes on the inner workings of my office! Dr. Christine took such exceptional great care of my team--(team feedback: "They made me feel heard");

"I have more clarity on how I want to do my work"; "They are really good at what they do"; "I wish every job I've worked at had something like this") and I loved that they immersed themselves in my office for a FULL DAY... And then we trained. 

Honestly, I wanted to optimize this opportunity and I threw everything I could at them over three days. I couldn't stump them. They ALWAYS had a suggestion, an idea, or a plan that was already on a thumb drive (i.e. they anticipated the need before they arrived).

I LOVED this entire experience! I came away feeling a lot more confident in all the ways we're doing things right and excited to tackle their suggestions for improvement. It felt GREAT to air it ALL and get the feedback we needed to get better for our community

Dr. Wendy Brown, Roanoke, VA
InnerSun Family Chiropractic

Speaking Events

Topics I speak about:

  • Understanding your ideal client
  • Developing roots in your community
  • Selling from a place of integrity
  • Increasing close rate to 92% of higher with one simple weapon
  • Scaling your service-based business with ease
  • Marketing and selling with the fastest, most reliable system

"Investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people are the two best ways to build your dream practice faster…and with less stress."

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