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How to Build a Dream Clinic

In this Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast Dr. Bill Davis interviews Dr. Christine Zapata of Seattle Washington about how she has built her dream clinic through sacrifice, delayed gratification and sweat equity and now can enjoy true work life balance.

My Chiropractic Story

Dr. Christine Zapata is the founder of Emerald City Spinal Care. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Zapata was first introduced to chiropractic in high school after a series of concussions from sports injuries and a serious car accident left her with debilitating migraine headaches and back pain. It did not take long before she starting noticing a dramatic shift in her health.

Honoring Our Heritage Through Acts of Benevolence

ChiroHustle Podcast 099 

Dr. Zapata is passionate about mentoring and developing Upper Cervical chiropractic doctors so that they learn the skills necessary to thrive, build the practice of their dreams and spread the message of hope through Upper Cervical chiropractic.

Mindset: mainly how to develop growth mindsets, working with limiting beliefs, and building positive money matters mindsets.